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Addressing Butterfies

Addressing Butterflies

Farnaz Modarresifar

Poem and voice of Reza Baraheni. Performed by Farnaz

Modarresifar, Sina Khoshk Bijari, and Ava MalekEsmaeili

Like a sole mate, a passionate listener, music sits by the poet living side by side, experiencing a counterpoint to the poet’s voice as a contrast or sometimes as a continuation of the poetry.
Surpassing the common concept of short breathed phrases in traditional Iranian music, mostly encapsulated in  Goosheh (short melodic recourses in traditional music) and instead, replacing it with composed-longer musical phrases (in contrast to mostly improvised tradition) draws the attention to the overall structure of every phrase rather than focusing on short, ornamental details, as if looking at an Impressionistic Painting from a distance.
The choice of a solo instrument among all no other than Santoor to accompany time, silence, and the breath of the poet’s voice all in all creates the core idea of the method the composer has decided to manifest as the approach to create this artwork.

                                                                                                                    Farnaz Modarresifar