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A Mission For Artistic Diversity

At Petrichor Records, we are committed to supporting all musicians, not just composers, in different genres of music. While contemporary classical music is one of our focuses, we also explore other musical genres that align with our vision and values.

Our mission has three key stages:


  • Finding New Voices: We actively seek out musicians from different genres worldwide, using various approaches such as open calls, auditions, and recommendations to discover new and exciting voices. Once we find an artist whose work aligns with our values and vision, we dedicate the time and resources necessary to help them realize their artistic projects.


  • Working with Established Artists: In addition to supporting emerging artists, we also work closely with established artists from different genres to propose new projects in the form of concerts, albums, sound installations, conceptual performances, and more. We believe in promoting collaboration and innovation, and we are committed to providing established artists with the resources they need to push the boundaries of their respective genres.


  • Creating Opportunities for Musicians: We believe in creating opportunities for today's musicians to learn, grow, and showcase their talents. To this end, we plan competitions and pedagogical events that collaborate with world-renowned artists, providing young musicians with performance opportunities and educational resources.

Our mission at Petrichor Records is to support the growth and development of musicians in different genres, to promote collaboration and innovation, and to provide educational and performance opportunities for young and established musicians alike. We believe that through our dedication and support, we can create a more vibrant and sustainable music community that celebrates diversity, creativity, and excellence.

Abstract painting. About Petrichor Records.

Petrichor Staff

Amin Sharifi


Executive and Artistic Director

Artist Advisory Board

Kathleen Supove

Artist Advisory Board

Randy Woolf

Artist Advisory Board

Reza Vali

Artist Advisory Board

Ava Mikolaeva

Project Manager

Director of Marketing

A&R Representative

Hamed Hakimi

Director of Graphic Design and Media Production

Azriel Hawthorne

Project Manager

Communication Coordinator

A&R Representative

Studio Mashq

Visual Identity and Branding

Sam Farahmand

Website Development

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design

Samantha Arten

Content Editor

Faran Talaeii

Lead Motion Designer

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