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Independent Record Label

Our mission in releasing the upcoming albums has the following stages:

  • Discovery: Petrichor Records actively seeks out talented living composers from around the world who are creating innovative and exciting music. Through open calls for scores, commissions, and collaborations, the label discovers new voices and works to amplify their voices.

  • Recording: Petrichor Records works closely with them to produce high-quality recordings of their music. The label is committed to using the latest recording technologies and collaborating with top-notch musicians to ensure that each piece is recorded to the highest standards.

  • Digital Release: Petrichor Records releases albums worldwide through digital distribution channels, including major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp. The label works to promote each release through social media, press releases, and collaborations with other organizations in the music industry.

Petrichor Records Label. Bach playing Tuba.
Petrichor Records Label. Grieg playing the piano.

  • Performance: Petrichor Records also works to create performance opportunities for young musicians to perform contemporary classical music. The label partners with universities, music festivals, and other organizations to create workshops, masterclasses, and performance opportunities for young musicians.

  • Education: Petrichor Records believes in the importance of music education and provides educational resources to students, teachers, and music lovers. The label creates online resources such as videos, interviews, and articles about contemporary classical music, as well as educational materials for teachers to use in the classroom.

    Overall, Petrichor Records' mission is to support the growth and development of contemporary classical music by living composers, and to provide educational and performance opportunities for young musicians. We are committed to promoting our releases through digital distribution and creating a vibrant and sustainable music community that embraces innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

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