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Iranian New Waves - Album Release-08_edi
Petrichor Records Project: Iranian New Waves


“Iranian New Waves” is a unique project whose goal is to present over fifty new compositions for solo flute created by established contemporary Iranian composers. The history of music-making throughout Persia over millennia has contributed to the rich repertoire of contemporary Iranian music.
The composers featured in this project have drawn from this distinguished heritage to expand upon the flute repertoire, each with their own unique approach. While these composers are currently living in various nations around the world, all of them are of Iranian descent and continue to have a significant influence upon the development of contemporary music in Iran. This anthology of music encompasses a vast array of inspirational influences extending from village shepherd music to the hustle and bustle of today’s metropolitan cities;  from the words of Persian poets and philosophers to Western cultural influences. The compositions on this album have either been newly commissioned or they are preexisting works that have not previously been released.
The project curators, Amin Sharifi and Kelariz Keshavarz are internationally renowned, award-winning musicians specializing in contemporary music. As the solo performer featured on the album, Keshavarz demonstrates an extensive musical proficiency with performances on the flute, piccolo, alto flute, and bass flute.


Flute: Kelariz Keshavarz
Producer: Petrichor Records (USA)
Artistic Director: Amin Sharifi

Composers of the first volume: Alireza Mashayekhi, Nader Mashayekhi, Reza Vali, Peyman Yazdanian, Farnaz Modarresifar, Sina Fallahzadeh, Mehdi Khayami, Ankido Darash, Amin Sharifi, Arsalan Abedian, Rouzbeh Rafie, Ali Radman, Ali Gorji, Morteza Shirkoohi, Amir Eslami, Arvin Sedaghatkish, Amir Pourkhalaji, Ashkan Khamsehpour, Reza Nakisa, Nima Rowshan, Saeed Alijani, and Golfam Khayam

Recording Engineers: Rick Nelsen, Hunter Huff
Executive Representative in Iran: Yashar Derafsheh
English Editor: Amy Scurria
Photography: Ryan Harrison

Recording Date: Fall 2019-2020
Release Date: Winter 2021

The album is available in limited edition physical package.

Please contact Petrichor to purchase the physical package.

Available on all digital steaming platforms including Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify.

Petrichor Records Project: Iranian New Waves Artists
Kelariz Keshavarz


Kelariz Keshavarz is an internationally awarded flutist, active in both the classical and contemporary fields. She is an avid sound artist, improviser, and pedagogue. Passionate about contemporary music, Keshavarz has performed in many festivals, including the Tehran Contemporary Music Festival in Iran, the Missouri International Composers Festival, the Flute New Music Consortium, the SiMN - International Symposium of New Music in Brazil, the New Jersey Flute Fair, the Music Teachers National Association Conference, and the SCI Region VI Conference in the United States. She has also performed multiple world premieres. 
She has collaborated with a variety of arts professionals, including visual artists, movie directors, sound artists, and choreographers. The Iranian New Waves Project culminates her experiences in this anthology of contemporary music by living Iranian composers. Keshavarz has served as the principal and guest principal flutist with the Tehran Symphony, the Tehran National Orchestra, the Tehran Philharmonic, the Nilper Orchestra, the SouthSide Philharmonic Orchestra and in the Odyssey Chamber Series, and Missouri Symphony. 

Visit her at


Iranian New Waves, Vol 1, is now available worldwide in physical format (limited edition) and digital format from Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify, Beep Tunes and many other online outlets. 

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Iranian New Waves
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