Share your proposals

This page is a direct proposal submission form for musicians (composers, performers, etc. from around the world) to send us their proposals for any possible future collaboration. This includes a wide variety of proposals. The following are few examples:

1- A thoughtful and new idea for a sound/music/concert/album project.

2- A ready-to-release collection of good-quality recordings of a composer's recent works.

3- Plans to record and release an upcoming improvisation/fusion concert of a performer or a chamber ensemble.

Please be as specific as possible and upload anything that could help us to imagine and evaluate your ideas.

Proposals will be reviewed carefully by an artistic panel that includes both members and non-members of Petrichor Records. All proposals will be evaluated and will receive a response no later than 2 weeks after the submission. Artists may be contacted for further information or materials. The proposals that fit into the Petrichor Records project criteria will be taken to further steps, and the artists will be contacted by the project management team for further planning in order to take action and realize the project.

Submit your proposal below:

Thanks for submitting!