Petrichor Records international Call for New Music Recordings

for the upcoming album series New Music by Living Composers (Eight volumes)

Petrichor Records is a US-based, independent record label specializing in contemporary classical music by living composers.

Petrichor Records aims to discover, promote the new generation of contemporary composers and performers who are going to create tomorrow’s music world. We are very excited to announce our new international Call for Recordings to be released on eight albums under the title of New Music by Living Composers. Each volume is dedicated to a separate category: (A) solo piano, (B) solo instrumental, (C) chamber ensemble, (D) chamber orchestra, (E) orchestra, (F) electronic music, (G) improvisation, and (H) choral/vocal. All genres and styles are welcome to submit: From graphic scores, acousmatic, spectral, aleatoric, concrete music, to jazz, romantic, improvisation, fusion etc.


The Call for Recordings is divided into eight categories; winners of each category will be released on an album. Therefore, this album series includes eight albums. Depending on the number and duration of the winning pieces, each volume could be a single, double or triple CD album.

Composers only pay the submission fee which covers the selection process expenses. If selected, everything is covered by the label. Not only the selected composers will not be asked to cover the production costs or pay for anything else, they will also receive royalties, and all the sales profits will be distributed to the composers!

Important note: Every composer can submit up to SIX pieces for EACH CATEGORY. The Artistic Panel may select ALL of the pieces, or SOME of them or NONE of the pieces by each composer for the album release. Therefore, there is no limit on the number of selected pieces per composer.

For example: One composer may submit 3 pieces for Category A, 6 pieces for Category B, 4 pieces for Category F and 1 piece for category E. The panel will review each piece carefully and individually, and may select all, some or none of the submitted pieces by that composer to be released.

Category A – Call for solo piano recordings. This includes prepared piano and fixed or live electronic parts—i.e., pieces for prepared piano and live electronics are welcome in addition traditionally notated piano pieces). The solo piano pieces can also be played by more than one performer—i.e., pieces for four or eight hands piano or for performers playing inside a piano are welcome.

Category B – Call for solo instrument recordings. All solo instruments except piano are welcome; including western classical, traditional, folk, and self-made instruments and also voices. This could also include fixed or live electronics parts). For this category, the number of performers does not matter as long as only a single instrument is played by all performers.

Category C – Call for chamber ensemble recordings. (2-9 performers, could include fixed or live electronics parts, and voices as well as percussion ensemble)

Category D – Call for chamber orchestra recordings. (10-20 performers, could include fixed or live electronics parts, and voices)

Category E – Call for orchestral recordings. (More than 20 performers, could include fixed or live electronics parts, and voices)

Category F – Call for solely electronic music. (Either fixed media or a recording of live electronic piece)

Category G – Call for improvisation recordings. (Any kind of free or structured improvisation on any classical, traditional, self-made instruments. Could include fixed or live electronics parts, and voices)

Category H – Call for choral/vocal recordings. SATB quartet, male choir, etc., Category H – Call for choral/vocal recordings. Any instrumentation employing at least one voice is eligible (This could include fixed or live electronics parts)


Who is eligible?

All composers, including established and emerging artists, are welcome to submit their works. Petrichor Records Artistic Panel will carefully review submissions individually and without regard for age, nationality, gender, and aesthetics.


The Prize:

The winners will be featured on the album series under title of New Music by Living Composers. This series includes one volume for each category and eight albums/volumes total. Depending on the number and duration of the winning pieces, each volume could be a single, double or triple CD album. Albums are produced by Petrichor Records and released worldwide, with all costs covered. Composers will receive royalties of their music. All releases will be distributed on a high-quality edition on various platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and many other stores and digital distributors. It will also be aired on Pandora satellite radio. There is an opportunity for digital publishing of the winning scores.


What to submit:

Send the following materials to

  1. High-quality recordings of the submitted pieces, preferably WAV, AIFF, or FLAC (up to six pieces per category per composer).

  2. Note: DO NOT attach recordings to the email. Please upload recordings through cloud storage websites such as Google Drive, DropBox, etc. and send us the link. The links must not expire until three months after the submission. If the high-quality recording files are too big, composers can submit MP3 files for the selection process. Of course, if selected, they need to send in the high quality ready-for-release files.

  3. Scores of the submitted pieces (or the sketched plan or structure of the piece, if the piece does not have a score). This is optional for category F (electronic music) and category G (improvisations).

  4. Résumé or CV.

  5. Submission fee payment receipt—read more below.

  6. Short description  of the submitted work (optional).

The subject of the email should be “PR Call for Recordings—First and last name—Category name.”

If submitting multiple pieces in one category, please pay the fee for the number of submissions and send all materials in one email to the address mentioned above.


Submission requirement:

  1. All aesthetics are welcome; there is no limit to inspiration. The submitted pieces could range graphic scores, acousmatic, spectral, aleatoric, concrete music, to jazz, romantic, improvisation, fusion etc.

  2. The submitted pieces could be of any duration and length. Could be part of a bigger work, or a set of short pieces, as the composer wishes.

  3. Submissions should be recordings of original compositions.

  4. Pieces may have been performed or awarded elsewhere. But the recording version of the submitted pieces for the call must not have been released before.

  5. Recordings of the pieces with graphic scores or non-traditional notation are also welcome to submit.

  6. No need for anonymous submissions.

  7. Arrangements of other composers’ music are not accepted.

  8. The quality of the audio file will be an important evaluation parameter for the final choice of the winning compositions.

  9. Recordings may have be done in a studio or a live performance; as long as the recordings are high quality and good for a CD release, they are acceptable.


Submission fee:

For each category, composers can submit up to SIX pieces. Each piece will be carefully reviewed and may be selected. Therefore, there is no limit on the number of selected pieces per composer per category. However, the submission fee should be paid separately for each piece. The submission fee for the pieces is as follows:

First piece: $35

Second piece: $30

Third piece: $25

Fourth piece: $20

Fifth piece: $15

Sixth piece: $10

For instance, if a composer is submitting three pieces for a specific category, she/he needs to make a payment of $90 ($35+$30+$25).

Submission fees should be paid through PayPal to this address:

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding any payment-related questions or if you need another way for making payment.

For those who are against paying entry fees:
We really apologies that it is not free to submit an application, and truly wish that we were able to do so! As a newly established and a non-profit record label devoted only to new music (which are only very few of them out there), we could have waited forever to find sponsors who cover everything, but we decided to release eight volumes of amazing music by living composers in one year with the available resources! Additionally, the entry fee separates serious applications from casual ones. It helps us bring such huge projects to life and covers less than one tenth of all the expenses. It guarantees that a devoted, internationally renowned jury spend days carefully listening and ranking the pieces.

The application for taking part in the competition as well as the submission of the works involves the composers accepting the above-mentioned rules. Failure to comply with the rules as referred to will disqualify the submission from reviewing panel.


Contact details:

For more information about the call, please contact