Petrichor Records International Call for New Music Recordings  

  Results announced: 108 works are selected  

Petrichor Records is proud to announce that we have been able to select twice more composers than what we had planned for initially.

It was truly a pleasure to have a chance to listen to all these wonderful works. We were thrilled by the number and quality of the submissions. After a detailed evaluation of all pieces, Petrichor Records artistic panel concluded to select the following pieces  for the first series of New Music by Living Composers (volumes 1-8):

  • Category A - solo piano


  1. Alekseevich, Starshinov Maksim: Lame Dance

  2. Brook, Taylor: Distances

  3. Davis, Andrew: Night Visions

  4. Fulton, Ruby: cycle loops

  5. Gümrükçüoğlu, Eren: philae

  6. Hamido, Omar Costa: The Space Between the Strings

  7. Richards, Paul: Sonata (after Beethoven), (mov. 1)

  8. Steinke, Greg A.: Toccata Fantasy I

  9. Tutschku, Hans: Shadow of bells

  10. Tutschku, Hans: Zellen-Linien

  11. Vincenot, Julien: fire & forget

  12. Vu, Ania: Against Time

  13. Wu, Yiheng Yvonne: Counterpoints for Piano

  14. Zhou, Tiange: ONE DAY, (mov. 1)

  • Category B - Solo Instrument


  1. Amaya, Luis Fernando: La mano izquierda es la que escribe las mentiras chiquitas

  2. Bejo, Ermir: Opus 7b

  3. Chikiar, Jorge: DELIRIUM CAPSTAN

  4. Chow, JunYi: Essay No. 1

  5. Curzi, Sarah: Soliloquy

  6. Elrod, Jonah: Urban Sky Glow

  7. Fabbri, Fabio: Monodialogos

  8. Heifetz, Robin Julian: By Fool's Luck and Wise Design

  9. Hemyari, Nava: Sussane

  10. Oldrini, Norberto: Depistango

  11. Sanatullov, Marat: Rassvet

  12. Tong, Anson: Metamorphosis and Reincarnation

  13. Wang, Tianyi: Song of Normality

  14. Yip, Austin: City Beats

  15. Zelenaia, Margarita: Byzantine Chants, (No. 1-4)


  • Category C - Chamber Ensemble


  1. Ballora, Mark: Squid Sarabande

  2. Cheng, Michele: Voir dire

  3. Field, Brian: Trio

  4. Gümrükçüoğlu, Eren: Bigly

  5. Gümrükçüoğlu, Eren: Lattice Scattering

  6. Heller, Richard: Pas de trois: Prelude

  7. Hulme, Lence: Jethro Zen

  8. H. Javaheri, Mohammad.: Obsession

  9. H. Javaheri, Mohammad.: Rebirth

  10. Kopetz, Paul: Ey Dar Zade

  11. Krause, Benjamin: Taxonomies of Pulse

  12. Marmarinos, Ion: The Horses

  13. Mulvey, Gráinn: LUCA

  14. O'Leary, Jane: Murmurs and Echoes, (Nos. 1-3)

  15. Richards, Paul: Concerto for Violin, Guitar, and Bear Mountain

  16. Rudel Rey, Demian: OTOHIME

  17. Steinke, Greg A.: Music for Chief Joseph

  18. Vu, Ania: Tik-Tak


  • Category D - Chamber Orchestra


  1. Bałenkowski, Maciej: Comets

  2. Gümrükçüoğlu, Eren: Crash Landing

  3. Haller, Josef: Inflection Point

  4. Mason, Charles: Turning and Turning in the Widening Gyre II

  5. Smith, Oscar: Waringin

  6. Stanhope, Paul: Elegies and Dances

  7. Steinke, Greg A.: Native American Roots

  8. Dimitrov, Georgi: Growing Bell Peppers


  • Category E - Orchestra


  1. Asuroglu, Utku: Provocation

  2. Baldini, Christian: elapsing twilight shades

  3. Cheng, Hippocrates: Concerto for Orchestra, Conductor and Audience

  4. Demos, Nickitas: New World Sketches, (mov. 1 & 2)

  5. Field, Brian: Shiva Tandava

  6. Godsil, Daniel: Cathedral Grove

  7. Ishida, Sanae: Trace n'est pas trace

  8. H. Javaheri, Mohammad: Anonymous Wrinkles

  9. Mulvey, Gráinne: Diffractions

  10. Sakamoto, Minato: Northeast Corridor Schedule

  11. Santillan Alcocer, Ana Paola: NEMESIS


  • Category F - Electronics


  1. Amaya, Luis Fernando: que (no) te cubras de sombra

  2. Bejo, Ermir: Opus 8

  3. Blinkhorn, Daniel: Valiha

  4. Bowen, Jeffrey: Ignition/Convection

  5. Fabbri, Fabio: Sintadfenix

  6. Fróes, Emanuel M.: Cosmogony

  7. Fróes, Emanuel M.: Calling the Elementals

  8. Hester, Karlton: Dark Matter Synthesis

  9. Katz, Tal: From C-town to B-town

  10. Lin, Mei-Fang: Figurations

  11. Lovett, Andrew: Aelia Capitolina

  12. Reed, Tim: …the irresistible will of heaven…

  13. Rickelton, Michael: 6-46

  14. Siesky, Ryne: …grind…

  15. Sigler, Andrew: Parenthetical

  16. Son, Hyewon: E ㅡ wieder ㅡ E

  17. Tobarra, Dativo: Sulla Materia Immaginaria Spaziale


  • Category G - Improvisation


  1. Arnaud, Arnaud Petit: Traversée 2

  2. Dominn, Nicoli: Freestyling

  3. Duquette, J.W.: Four Improvisations on The Black Paintings

  4. Fieldsteel, Eli: Chaos and Order

  5. Fieldsteel, Eli: Invisible Ink

  6. Fleisher, Robert: Dans le piano

  7. Ghikas, Panos: Unrealtime, (No. 1, 2, 3)

  8. Ji, Seongmin: improvisation 3 - Aula glissandi

  9. Leng, Wells / Katz, Tal: The imaginary hydra

  10. Mulvey, Grainne: Phonological Loop

  11. Sakamoto, Minato: Encore from Chinese Railway

  12. Tong, Anson: Comet

  13. Weigel, Stephen: Unintelligent Hierarch

  14. Wilson, Tristan: two meditations on wind and shadow


  • Category H - Vocal/choral


  1. Andrews, Stephanie: O Sacrum Convivium

  2. Carraher, Ryan: ...most of Us...

  3. Delgado, Jorge: Tres piezas a 8

  4. Heller, Richard: VOKALISE

  5. Huddleston, Alex: The Sonnets

  6. Marmarinos, Ion: Sacretum

  7. Morris, Jeff / Blair, Elisabeth: In the Middle of the Room

  8. Pan, Xingzimin: In the clouds

  9. Reeder, Kory: Maybe

  10. Strobel, Robert: Three Songs of the Librarian, (No. 3 Loneliness)

  11. Walton, Anna-Louise: Baskets of Figs


Congratulations to everyone whose music is selected, especially those who have more than one selected work:


  1. Amaya, Luis Fernando (2 works)

  2. Bejo, Ermir (2 works)

  3. Fabbri, Fabio (2 works)

  4. Fieldsteel, Eli (2 works)

  5. Fróes, Emanuel M (2 works)

  6. Gümrükçüoğlu, Eren (3 works)

  7. Heller, Richard (2 works)

  8. H. Javaheri, Mohammad (3 works)

  9. Katz, Tal (2 works)

  10. Marmarinos, Ion (2 works)

  11. Mulvey, Gráinne (3 works)

  12. Richards, Paul (2 works)

  13. Sakamoto, Minato (2 works)

  14. Steinke, Greg A (3 works)

  15. Tong, Anson (2 works)

  16. Tutschku, Hans (2 works)

  17. Vu, Ania (2 works)


Selected composers will be contacted in a couple of weeks for further steps. The album will be released in 2020. However, please note this does not guarantee that selected works will be released on the album series. If a selected recording doesn't have album quality, the composer will be asked to provide new high-quality recording. Also, composers should clarify the copyright ownership/authorization of the recordings, text, etc. They may need to obtain permission from the performers before we can proceed. Petrichor Records staff will get in touch with selected composers no later than February 28, 2020.


As mentioned above, due to the number of high-quality submissions, the selection process was a hard one for the artistic panel. They had to narrow down the list and put down some fine pieces. The fact that some of the submissions are not selected is therefore in no way a reflection on the quality of the works.


We wish to thank you all for submitting your recordings to the Petrichor Records Call for Recordings, and we hope you will consider submitting more pieces for the second series of albums in the near future.